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Hallab's Harmonious Blend of Retail and FMCG

At Hallab, our seamless integration of retail and FMCG ensures that you have easy access to our exceptional culinary offerings. Our retail division provides a delightful shopping experience through our physical stores and online platforms, while our FMCG operations guarantee the production and distribution of our renowned sweets and delights. Together, we strive to deliver convenience, quality, and culinary perfection to satisfy your cravings and create cherished moments.

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Historical Background

“Kasr el Helou” Hallab Palace was founded in 1881 located in Lebanon, Abdul Rahman Hallab combined centuries of know-how from the various cultures and civilizations that occupied the region to achieve his long-time dream. After nearly 100 years, as the grandson of Mahmoud, Abdul Rahman Hallab decided to keep his own shop in Riad el Solh Street, Tripoli, Lebanon, called “Abdul Rahman al Hallab and Sons”. Abdul Rahman Hallab elevated the au​thentic oriental sweets industry to an artisanal level. His sons (grandsons) kept his memory alive by transforming the Palace he had lived in into Hallab 1881 a restaurant and shop. Therefore Hallab 1881 became the leading oriental sweet brand in the Middle East and in the whole region.

Building on the success of their father, Abdul Rahman Hallab’s sons continued to carry the torch, setting up in their grandfather’s Palace and celebrated in Hallab 1881 Palace “Kasr el Helou”, which has asserted itself as an empire in its own right. Hallab 1881 is distinguished from all Hallab family shops by quality assurance and taking care of selecting each ingredient to obtain an amazing authentic sweets taste. Enhancing the authenticity of oriental sweets through a unique know-how and reflecting the beauty of characteristic oriental architecture, “Kasr el Helou” Hallab 1881 Palace is considered today as one of Tripoli’s most renowned tourist sites, and is visited by scores of people from across the world.

Today, Hallab 1881 is number one with a diversely-creative items on offer boasting exquisitely-tasty, rich. These have come to include an enchanting variety of new products whose mysteriously-alluring qualities have become one of the industry’s most heavily-guarded secrets. After the passing of Abdul Rahman in 1984, his four sons took charge of the shop: Samer Hallab, Oussama Hallab, Amer Hallab and Adnan Hallab. The four sons had one vision: to grow their shop into a multinational company. Currently, Hallab Group consists of 4 companies which produce, distribute and serves Lebanese and occidental business in the Middle East and the world.


Growing international market share and maintaining Hallab 1881's brand position as the leader in the oriental sweets and desserts industry by engaging and developing a trusting long-term personal relationship with our audience around the globe, and spreading the exquisite Lebanese culinary culture and experience.


Sharing our story and becoming a leading manufacturing and retail brand of middle-eastern delicacies around the globe, by engaging and bringing together families and friends with our brand's core essence: Crafting Sweet Moments.