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Hallab 1881

Since 1881, and originating from the ancestral Lebanese city of Tripoli, Hallab 1881 has been a pioneer in the world of Lebanese sweets.
Today, “Kasr El Helou” is considered one of Tripoli’s most renowned landmarks, visited by thousands of people from all parts of the globe.

Further to maintaining the tradition of preserving the authenticity of Lebanese sweets with “Hallab Traditional”, Hallab 1881 has also striven for diversification with a range of sugar-free sweets and a specialized division for occidental sweets that offers a rich and wide ranging selection of cakes and chocolates.
The “1881 Hallab” restaurant in Kasr El Helou Tripoli offers a daily assortment of appetizing “Plats du jour” to choose from and features comprehensive banqueting and reception equipment and facilities.

At Hallab 1881, creating delicious recipes has become an art on its own combining tradition and unmatched Lebanese innovation. Thanks to developing its unique know-how, widening the array of hand-made varieties and preserving the authenticity of Lebanese and occidental sweets, Hallab 1881 earned an international standing for high quality delights.
Meeting customers’ needs and earning their loyalty are such priorities that Hallab1881 has implemented the food safety and quality management systems to acquire a full compliance with ISO (22000:2005) and ISO (9001:2015) certificates, aimed at safeguarding customers’ health and wellbeing.
Hallab 1881 maintains the highest quality control procedures at its laboratories, all designed to conduct state-of-the-art food quality analysis, ensuring that the testing of our entire product range, through every manufacturing stage, complies with international standards and norms.

Hallab 1881 currently operates 12 branches in various cities and Lebanese towns. The company has also expanded into the GCC with branches in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and will soon boast a strong duty free presence at main airports in the region.
Hallab 1881 reinforces its in-house service with mail deliveries covering the entire Lebanese region and catering to international orders via DHL- delivering within 72 hours.

Since 1881, Hallab 1881 has been a pioneer in the world of Lebanese sweets.

We aim to develop a trusting long-term relationship with our customers, as well as increase our market share and profitability by maintaining our position as the leader in the oriental sweets market.

We want to create a culture around our oriental sweets produced in the region and globally. We cherish, promote and keep our brand image to worldwide standards by continuously controlling our brand quality, conducting market research, as well as educating and motivating our employees.