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H​allab 1881​

Captivating Hearts of Millions 

Ever since its inception, Hallab 1881, the Lebanese renowned manufacturer of middle eastern delicacies, was able to captivate hearts of millions, just like Fairuz hijacked the collective memory of a whole population and took over their hearts through her enchanting voice. 

Crafting Sweet Moments since 1881 

Originally founded by Mahmoud Hallab in Tripoli-Lebanon in 1881, the family business has been manufacturing delights and building brand equity ever since. Brick by brick and one generation after another, Hallab 1881 became today the top-of-mind destination among Arab and Lebanese populations for Oriental sweets. This aspiring legacy was anchored with Hajj Abdul Rahman Hallab, a visionary man who never compromised on the quality of the products and the generosity of the Tripolitan hospitality. His motto, "Do it Perfectly, or Don't Do it at All", was the ultimate drive behind Hallab 1881 success story. 

A Success Story Spanning Over Four Generations  

The company has been led since 1981 by Hallab's fourth generation, Samer Hal lab and his brothers - sons of Abdul Rahman Hallab, who worked tirelessly to develop new partnerships and franchise concepts to expand Hallab 1881 's presence across Lebanese regions, as well as the Arab and Gulf countries. While employing approximately 500 employees and operating 2 production facilities and 10 retail outlets in Lebanon, franchise partners manage and operate multiple branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and just recently in Jordan. 

Our Signature Items

Delicacies such as Baklava, Maamoul (stuffed cookies), and Knefe (sweet cheese) are only some of Hallab 1881 's signature items and are part of Lebanese and many other middle-eastern food culture and traditions - especially during the celebratory occasions and holiday season.

Our Mission 

  Growing international market share and maintaining Hallab 1881's brand position as the leader in the oriental sweets and desserts industry by engaging and developing a trusting long-term personal relationship with our audience around the globe, and spreading the exquisite Lebanese culinary culture and experience.

Our Vision 

Sharing our story and becoming a leading manufacturing and retail brand of middle-eastern delicacies around the globe, by engaging and bringing together families and friends with our brand's core essence: Crafting Sweet Moments.

Hallab is ISO certified

Guaranteeing exceptional products and services that meet international standards. With a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, efficient processes, and environmental responsibility, our ISO certification underscores our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business.

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